Amir & Moi: The start of a hologram revolution for the music industry

30th January 2020

It’s the ultimate fantasy for any music fan: a private concert from your favourite musician from the comfort of your living room. And in 2019, HoloMe made it happen.

We partnered with Warner Music Group and French singing sensation Amir to create a new AR app to coincide with the launch of his single, ‘5 Minutes Avec Toi’. The idea was a completely new one for the music industry–for the first time ever, fans could place a hologram version of their favourite artist into their own surroundings and even record themselves singing and dancing alongside him.

To strengthen this unprecedented audience connection even further, Amir challenged his fans to create the best video possible using the Amir & Moi app, with the winning clip being used in an alternate music video. Rather than being a passive audience, this hyper-engaged fanbase was given the opportunity to share their own creativity, passion and personality.

A unique connection with more than 10,000 fans

The release of the Amir & Moi app came as part of an integrated marketing campaign that included a national TV show and social media. The result was an impressive number of downloads–10,940 in total, placing it among the top twenty free music apps on the App Store on the day of the TV show.

A staggering 8489 videos were generated by Amir & Moi app users, and the single saw a 20% increase in the number of streams compared to the fortnight before the app’s release. It was clear, fans weren’t only reacting to a new track–they were interacting with the artist behind the music in a way never before seen.

Holograms and the music industry

This partnership with Amir only scratches the surface of what hologram technology can offer musicians and their audiences. Inside the realm of the music industry in 2020, anything is possible. Roy Orbison and Buddy Holly’s posthumous tour has already shown the potential of hologram technology in bringing back the dead, but what about teleporting the living?

The magic of the Amir & Moi app was in empowering people to invite a world-famous singer into their own lives. And more than that, to actually join the star on the virtual stage. But what if this concept was taken to the next level? At HoloMe, we’re thinking about how live video could transform live entertainment–imagine being part of a sell-out concert in your local pub or an intimate gig from your sofa. As we stand on the brink of transformational developments in hologram technology, the possibilities are endless.

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