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To get the best from your hologram only use a green or blue screen background that covers your full body and extends into the foreground – and don’t wear any clothes that blend with your screen.

Then ensure you follow these three simple filming steps and you’re good to go…

Place your phone
on a tripod to keep it steady, and use the back camera
as shown here


Ensure that your full body is within the frame at all times

We like it when we see people having fun, dancing and exercising, but just remember to stay in full-frame at all times.

It looks very odd when we cut your head, feet or arms off!


Avoid shadows on your green screen, and place lights either side if required.

That’s it, start recording!


Now you’ve followed these instructions to the letter, send us your finished video, and we’ll let you know when the hologram is ready to share with your friends, family, colleagues, adoring fans, pets and other worldly beings